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About Us

StudioTettix offers a wide range of archive-quality feature prints by photographer Tony Maniaty. Based in Paris and Sydney, Tony shoots mainly in black-and-white, creating powerful graphic interplays with light and shade. His subjects are diverse: people, places, objects, city streets, captured in unexpected ways. ‘All photography is a form of illusion,’ he says, ‘but we could easily say the same about life. The camera allows us to re-consider reality as we normally see it…’

Street photography is a favourite genre, especially in Paris. ‘What makes the City of Light so special is its combination of compression - it’s actually one of the most densely populated places on earth - and its textures, the surfaces built and worn by centuries of history. Other cities come close - New York, Berlin, Milan – but Paris has an extra, indefinable magic that the great photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau knew and understood.’

Tony has spent his life in and around the arts, journalism, film and literature. Joining the ABC as a late teenager, he went on to become a Paris-based correspondent, Executive Producer of the nightly ‘7.30 Report’, as well as publishing four books. He was Associate Professor of Creative Practices at the University of Technology Sydney. His love affair with photography began at high school and took off with the purchase of a second-hand Leica M3 camera. These days he still uses Leica cameras, mainly the digital M10 and Q models.