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StudioTettix is devoted to quality photography, in prints and books. If you’d like to become a contributor, please contact us. We welcome both established photographers and emerging talents from anywhere around the globe. Photography is a universal language that’s spoken and understood across all borders. We’re interested in work that speaks to a common humanity, and reshapes our perceptions of the world. 

As you’ll see from our web portfolios, we tend to focus on monochrome images, but colour proposals are welcome too. For us, what matters is not to shock but to make people think, to consider, appreciate and reflect: the best photographs bear repeated viewing, and grow stronger in appeal with time. As for influences, we naturally have our heroes – Cartier-Bresson of course, Robert Frank, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, a long list of greats – but maybe the best is yet to come. Let the sun shine in…

We love hearing from friends, colleagues, clients in the photographic space. We also take on commissioned work. Please contact us and we’ll reply.

Thanks, Tony Maniaty.